He Was That Guy

He was that Guy!

He was the guy who never failed to say good morning every time he wakes up and say good night before he sleeps.
Ginainform ka what iya ginabuhat and will make sure you are ok .
A guy na kuliton and icheer up ka when your sad , and samot kuliton ka when your  fine.
He will find a way to start a convo, and even if whatever topic inyo storyahan he will make you feel he is interested, in everything.
From movies , to songs and current events. I- download ni, I-play na. Haist
And He will make your favorite his favorite too.
A guy who is very attentive , and knows all about you even di mo nishishare because he is stalking and want to know everything about you.

A guy who is never tired of making you feel good, na mahilig mag pet name,and kuliton ka forever for that.
A guy na meremember every single word you say.
A guy who will never forget every moment na kuyog nimo sya ugiparemind sa imo every single nahitabo in every second.
A guy na mamelt ka sa iya mga stares , hilig mangagbay ug malingaw ka saiya smile and corny jokes.
Because just looking at him will completely make you happy.
A guy who is so adorable kay walang masamang tinapay sa katawan.
He knows what makes you happy and how to make you happy.
Just talking to him everyday kaharap sya  or even if miles apart feels likehe is just beside you.

He is just so close to perfect but I am not.
He is every girls ideal man, I know.
He was wounded, and I was too afraid , too selfish.
He was a guy I dont deserve.
He deserve a brave woman, someone who will never hurt  him
He deserve someone who will keep him forever. I am not her.
He deserve a genuine love and care. I just dont want anyone to hurt him.

With him , everything is so light, just right.
It is just so easy to fall inlove, to stay inlove !
You dont need to ask for it because he just do it his way.
You dont need anyoneelse because him alone can complete you.
I hardly trust anyone like that.
But Distance,  scares me, changed me.
Knowing that you will be apart for a long time , i could not bear that.
Knowing that I have to deal the same torture of missing someone badly,not talking to him everyday when I want to.
Knowing that you will forever long for someone whos not around.
Knowing that he will constantly find a way every chance he could get just because he wants you to know he cares and he is fine.
But Distance, terrified me, changed my perceptions in love.
But Distance, confused me, changed my decisions in love!


Puerto Gallera Gallore

Its Summertime ! and since its my sistie’s birthday , the perfect place to celebrate it is in the beach.
Living here in metro is quite a little boring for a nature lover like me. Because all I can see are buildings and cars, cars and buildings, building and cars,cars and buildings…… urgh..

Back in Davao, when i think of sea,sand,and perfect sunrise n sunset , few minutes after …tadannn im viewing what i have imagined  because its just near.
Here, you need to travel far just to look for one. Not just that , you need to have enough money, hhaha!
Its never easy …..

Going to PG is a 2 hours bus ride to Batangas Port from Manila and more or less 45minutes travel via sea ferry. You need to spend 500php back and fort for sea ferry, and 300 for the bus. Room rate is quite expensive that time because it was peak season , we spent 2500 per night. That’s the cheapest from all the others. I suggest that you don’t need to book from the web coz a lot of cheaper choices when you got there.
Not just that, you can bargain for prices of different activities , (sea or land)…

For the land activities, we chose trekking  and viewing of the tamaraw falls. The transpo which is inclusive of our land activities is already included so we had lots of road trip pictures. We went to Virgin Island as well that was just along the highway, and there we had our picnic and took our lunch.

We have seen and experience the underwater cave , i expected huge cave but when we got there it was so hard to get inside if you’ve got a bit of few extra pounds hanging around. nyehehe (sareeeh for the term).
Also we were amaze by the big clams when we had our snorkling activity, it was such a nice under  the sea experience.

And of course , the night life in Gallera is superb…  there are many exciting options to choose from.
Staying up till the early hours of the morning is a simple task as there are ample opportunities for entertainment. It doesn’t have to break the bank either, because it is very cheap. You can stay out all night for little more than the price of a meal back in metro…hahaha.

We enjoyed watching the gorgeous firedancers…and get the chance to have taken pictures with them while waving that thing with fire … aint it fun? For two nights we’ve heard live music everywhere, often reggae or an acoustic set. It’s worth spending the night in the sea side.

Just ME


I’m a weirdo who never stop singing out loud when

sad, dancing facing the mirror when alone, predicts movie endings, over reacts at the thrilling parts, cries at every sad movie, takes a million years to decide what to wear, cracks jokes every so often to closest friends,and thinks Fries +Ice Cream is the best thing ever.

When ride gets bumpy:(

        I don’t know if I’m overly caffeinated right now, or if I’m plainly having a thousand thoughts all at once- but Man! Life is so darn interesting/complicated/wonderful in a twisted kind of way. You think you know exactly what’s gonna happen, and then BOOM, everything just turns around a hundred eighty degrees and you’re
standing at a crossroads wondering what the hell happened.:(

       I don’t think there’s ever just one direction we can take though. It’s not like if you take a wrong turn, you’re doomed for life. When times get confusing, I always remember  no matter what we decide to do, we will eventually find happiness at what we end up doing. Am I making sense right now, lol
Well, to everyone who can relate, this post is for you! There will be many times when life will make you question some decisions you’ve made. When that happens, just calm down and take one step forward and remember that everything will be okay. Happy random weekend folks!


       Today marks the first day of Twenty Sixteen. Wow, does time fly fast or what?  WOW. I’m glad we’re saying goodbye to the year that’s passed though. It’s been a tough one for me with a whirlwind of ups and downs. Although I am thankful to be blessed with more than I can ask for, I did have my fair share of shake ups. To say I was depressed mid December is a crazy understatement. But I know everything happens for a reason, and the big Guy up there must want me to live with a purpose greater than we could ever imagine. Aside from that, 2015 gave me new friends, took away love, immersed me in work, slapped me in the face with trials and definitely made a huge change in my life direction. You think you know how things will pan out, but everyday you grow, you change, and that path you make slowly changes with you. Anything can happen in just one day. So to 2016,,If the ride gets bumpy, I say to you, Challenge Accepted.

Bring it on.HAPPY NEW YEAR


I Will Always Wait For You, Even Though I Know I Shouldn’t

Thought Catalog

Flickr / Silvia SalaFlickr / Silvia Sala

I knew you were going to leave from the moment I met you. Our first conversation was so unlike the norm. We skipped through the polite introductions and talked for hours about our secrets, each revelation a little glimpse into our souls that we would only be comfortable telling a complete stranger.

For you, I was a way to pass the time, but for me, you were an investment of my time. You didn’t care about me; I pretended not to care about you. Despite the “cool girl” act, I hopelessly loved every piece of you immediately, but I knew you were going to leave from the moment I met you.

I opened up to you before I could even call you a friend. I told you about my inner struggles, the daily battles I faced that I was too ashamed to admit to those I…

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im missing you


Ive known you just recently
but it feels like ive known you for so long,
Its quite odd how you  made me feel
i never have thought this feeling could be so real…

Since day one you caught my attention
and it seems to grow Each day
you captured that only spot unknowingly
and i was amazed how you made me smile dearly…

I used to  flee when someone got me
I used to build walls coz im afraid to fall
but i wondered how easy i put down  all of those
somehow it just went off so easy and i just let it loose..

Every time you made me smile
I just breathe in and out and then sigh
i have doubts and fears but I have this rare feeling
where my heart and mind agrees to that only one thing…

It was so strange how you caught my inner senses
Coz ever since i was guarded with bitterness
Its crazy i was really responding to every jokes
and how open i was sharing every little notes…

maybe you’re  just another guy, like a passerby
but why im feeling this strange thing
i thought  it will just fade slowly
coz i know soon you’ll be gone for your journey…

That’s what i thought
The time you’ll leave ill end this…
Foolishness, ..This must be stopped
Better days, happy days … ill  just forget these…

But why oh why? i think about you this much.
Its like Every passing day without you sucks.
twas just a few days  you’ve been away, your offshore,
its crazy, it makes me miss you even more

My Music ‘s not helping me
Forgetting you is really not easy
How odd when all the love songs
Reminds me of you… it is all about you…

Been uneasy these days,
keep on finding many ways…
your absence makes me insane.
guess ill be waiting in vain..

Missing you is killing me,
I just wish you’re here to hold me…
I keep myself busy with things to do
but every time i pause i think of you

missing you comes in waves
and now im drowning..
i miss those smiles, your cheers every time i’m lonely
i miss those nights when i laughed uncontrollably

I just hope that one day i am going to wake up,
open my eyes roll over on my side ,lighten up
and see you smiling beside me….
Hearing your laughter again,.oh take this agony:(

the world is gonna throw me a million reasons
why this  must be stop , it wont work
but im armed with one reason why it will
I love you….I hope you also do:(

I what comes easy wont last
and that  what lasts wont come easy
But i just want to melt into your sweet arms
and get stuck there for eternity

I know days to come couldn’t get any better..
let this pain turns into smiles and laughter..
let distance be another reason to love harder…
I guess ,with you im anchored forever…

behind every strong sailor
there is an even stronger woman
who stands behind him, holds him when hes here
supports him when he’s gone
and loves him with every beat of her heart
with you im anchored forever…

Yohan’s 4th bday party DIY



Hooohaist….oh my god , im a bit excited  for my son’s 4th birthday. i have to plan something simple yet unforgettable for him. He’s a bit naughty and funny so i choose this theme…Mcqueen Cars…Since he loves foods so much especially cakes and icecream, that would be where my 90% goes to for the party..

I just want a candy kind of kid’s party so it will not be that expensive..Its just for the kids and him and few foods  for mommas..


For his cake : i sooo want this..

CARS THEME - 26_02_2012 144

And I want a cupcake like this all dress up in acute cupcake stand.Disney_Cars__18315_zoom march11_IMG_8447


This is for his birthday banner like :

And his invitation cards


.il_570xN 408638316_c1c8

Will set everything up like this,gathering all inexpensie resource to be like this…


25 Things About Me?


“What do people say about me when i am not around?”
You backstabber!!! lol
kidding aside…I’m not quite sure tho,
Most of them would say im silent, soft spoken and very timid.
Though somehow i could agree to this.
But to few individuals, its the opposite.
Might sound a bit odd but that’s who i really am.
Well I cant blame them, hehe. To strangers and common friends im the type of girl
who shows a lack of courage or confidence to brought up something or
to start a conversation. I may be hesitant at first
because I always have that fear.
( i dunow what triggers that fear inside that started during my high school years). 
But to close friends, how they wish i was quite.
I have read other people’s lists of things they can tell
about them, some funny, very few with any
originality, and some were self-indulgently braggy and creepy.
Mine would just be another hmmm i guess, a quite honestly
it would not be interesting;
my plain personality and some  quirky habits.
Maybe it is because I am so ordinary, but I don’t mind that.
There is a kind of peace in ordinariness.
What I can say about myself?  there will be no list at all , just a tip of the iceberge!
well again of course , this is my personality…im quite shy to tell….!
a lot might read this so im keeping those.
So there’s an aspect of something largely hidden…lol
which only few persons know about…
So you’ll keep on guessing…there’s a  lot more to
something than you might originally think…
I AM SO BORING…hahhaha
PS: Title ( Epic Fail! )

23 Things Only People Who Love Spending Time Alone Will Understand

Thought Catalog

Sascha KohlmannSascha Kohlmann

1. A weekend in which you have no plans, no responsibilities, and nowhere at all to be, ranks as one of the best weekends you’ll ever have.

2. Sometimes friends will try to make plans with you and you have no reason to decline except for the fact that you just want to be alone that day. (Your plan is to have no plans, people need to understand that by now, right?)

3. A good album, book, or television show can keep your attention far longer than any party, club, or bar could.

4. Going away to a remote cabin in the middle of the woods to just exist for a period of time sounds like the best idea for a vacation that you can think of.

5. There is nothing more exciting than planning a long, solo road trip, because you know you’re going to be able…

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Its Fishes and Jellies Kind of Day!:)

I got a message from a cousin to visit her in BSA Tower before their flight back in US.Her first plan was to join her shopping at Tutuban Malls but I had prior commitment that same day and mysister is at work. So with her kids we went to Ocean Park the next morning.

Ive been here in Manila for about 3 years now and I never visited that place as well as my sister. I guess , 700php  is never a practical amount for the entrance fee alone. I thought “its not worth it for fishes and kiddie shows, duh…and i wasn’t expecting I could enjoy it.I expected foods were included  for that 700,nyahaha (coz ive browsed once in metro deal  there as eat all you can for 600 only)! I was expecting I could see the penguins too ,…hahaha… For me its pretty much expensive.

But since we were already there,. we were trying to enjoy the place, its kind of family bonding as well.

For the first activity , we’ve seen LaraQuigaman, MS INTERNATIONAL (i forgot what year) haha.. She was so pretty.That started my mood and excitement . I forgot all about fishes and was busy staring at her. She was nice and always wearing that smile. When we get the  chance we asked her if we could take some picture and she nicely asked us a group picture will do , coz shes busy carrying her cutie kiddo and having fun watching the fishes.liz1

The other thing I enjoyedmuch is the SEA Lion Show,they are the cutest. 


*The cute Jellies were amazing as well at the Oceanarium, where you can see many different kinds of fishes.


liz6 10440969_824150804271560_461608008611274450_n 10557463_824151744271466_4485490549151487945_n 10622750_824151917604782_7250875725750823633_n


When I was about to enter  here I was a bit excited thinking that I could see some penguins…hahhaha Epic fail, there’s none. You need to pay extra for that activity.


And since our tired feet could no longer move, and I am having that crazy sound inside my tummy,. Everybody could no longer prepare foods at home we opt to have our dinner at Dampa in Macapagal near SM Aura where all yummy seafoods is served. My cousin ordered a lot that our tummy cannot contain it all. ahhhhh seafoooddsss, cravings satisfied.  I wished that i could bring home some. haha.. Grilled Tuna belly, Crabs with chilly sauce, Buttered Hipon, and that yummy soup i forgot it name. Salmon i think…yummy



The Irony of it… All day we were amazed how cute the sea creatures were and how cute it is to live under the sea coz everything is lovely, butTTttt ended up EATING all of their kinds..bwahahahahaha..:P