He Was That Guy

He was that Guy!

He was the guy who never failed to say good morning every time he wakes up and say good night before he sleeps.
Ginainform ka what iya ginabuhat and will make sure you are ok .
A guy na kuliton and icheer up ka when your sad , and samot kuliton ka when your  fine.
He will find a way to start a convo, and even if whatever topic inyo storyahan he will make you feel he is interested, in everything.
From movies , to songs and current events. I- download ni, I-play na. Haist
And He will make your favorite his favorite too.
A guy who is very attentive , and knows all about you even di mo nishishare because he is stalking and want to know everything about you.

A guy who is never tired of making you feel good, na mahilig mag pet name,and kuliton ka forever for that.
A guy na meremember every single word you say.
A guy who will never forget every moment na kuyog nimo sya ugiparemind sa imo every single nahitabo in every second.
A guy na mamelt ka sa iya mga stares , hilig mangagbay ug malingaw ka saiya smile and corny jokes.
Because just looking at him will completely make you happy.
A guy who is so adorable kay walang masamang tinapay sa katawan.
He knows what makes you happy and how to make you happy.
Just talking to him everyday kaharap sya  or even if miles apart feels likehe is just beside you.

He is just so close to perfect but I am not.
He is every girls ideal man, I know.
He was wounded, and I was too afraid , too selfish.
He was a guy I dont deserve.
He deserve a brave woman, someone who will never hurt  him
He deserve someone who will keep him forever. I am not her.
He deserve a genuine love and care. I just dont want anyone to hurt him.

With him , everything is so light, just right.
It is just so easy to fall inlove, to stay inlove !
You dont need to ask for it because he just do it his way.
You dont need anyoneelse because him alone can complete you.
I hardly trust anyone like that.
But Distance,  scares me, changed me.
Knowing that you will be apart for a long time , i could not bear that.
Knowing that I have to deal the same torture of missing someone badly,not talking to him everyday when I want to.
Knowing that you will forever long for someone whos not around.
Knowing that he will constantly find a way every chance he could get just because he wants you to know he cares and he is fine.
But Distance, terrified me, changed my perceptions in love.
But Distance, confused me, changed my decisions in love!


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