Puerto Gallera Gallore

Its Summertime ! and since its my sistie’s birthday , the perfect place to celebrate it is in the beach.
Living here in metro is quite a little boring for a nature lover like me. Because all I can see are buildings and cars, cars and buildings, building and cars,cars and buildings…… urgh..

Back in Davao, when i think of sea,sand,and perfect sunrise n sunset , few minutes after …tadannn im viewing what i have imagined  because its just near.
Here, you need to travel far just to look for one. Not just that , you need to have enough money, hhaha!
Its never easy …..

Going to PG is a 2 hours bus ride to Batangas Port from Manila and more or less 45minutes travel via sea ferry. You need to spend 500php back and fort for sea ferry, and 300 for the bus. Room rate is quite expensive that time because it was peak season , we spent 2500 per night. That’s the cheapest from all the others. I suggest that you don’t need to book from the web coz a lot of cheaper choices when you got there.
Not just that, you can bargain for prices of different activities , (sea or land)…

For the land activities, we chose trekking  and viewing of the tamaraw falls. The transpo which is inclusive of our land activities is already included so we had lots of road trip pictures. We went to Virgin Island as well that was just along the highway, and there we had our picnic and took our lunch.

We have seen and experience the underwater cave , i expected huge cave but when we got there it was so hard to get inside if you’ve got a bit of few extra pounds hanging around. nyehehe (sareeeh for the term).
Also we were amaze by the big clams when we had our snorkling activity, it was such a nice under  the sea experience.

And of course , the night life in Gallera is superb…  there are many exciting options to choose from.
Staying up till the early hours of the morning is a simple task as there are ample opportunities for entertainment. It doesn’t have to break the bank either, because it is very cheap. You can stay out all night for little more than the price of a meal back in metro…hahaha.

We enjoyed watching the gorgeous firedancers…and get the chance to have taken pictures with them while waving that thing with fire … aint it fun? For two nights we’ve heard live music everywhere, often reggae or an acoustic set. It’s worth spending the night in the sea side.


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