When ride gets bumpy:(

        I don’t know if I’m overly caffeinated right now, or if I’m plainly having a thousand thoughts all at once- but Man! Life is so darn interesting/complicated/wonderful in a twisted kind of way. You think you know exactly what’s gonna happen, and then BOOM, everything just turns around a hundred eighty degrees and you’re
standing at a crossroads wondering what the hell happened.:(

       I don’t think there’s ever just one direction we can take though. It’s not like if you take a wrong turn, you’re doomed for life. When times get confusing, I always remember  no matter what we decide to do, we will eventually find happiness at what we end up doing. Am I making sense right now, lol
Well, to everyone who can relate, this post is for you! There will be many times when life will make you question some decisions you’ve made. When that happens, just calm down and take one step forward and remember that everything will be okay. Happy random weekend folks!


       Today marks the first day of Twenty Sixteen. Wow, does time fly fast or what?  WOW. I’m glad we’re saying goodbye to the year that’s passed though. It’s been a tough one for me with a whirlwind of ups and downs. Although I am thankful to be blessed with more than I can ask for, I did have my fair share of shake ups. To say I was depressed mid December is a crazy understatement. But I know everything happens for a reason, and the big Guy up there must want me to live with a purpose greater than we could ever imagine. Aside from that, 2015 gave me new friends, took away love, immersed me in work, slapped me in the face with trials and definitely made a huge change in my life direction. You think you know how things will pan out, but everyday you grow, you change, and that path you make slowly changes with you. Anything can happen in just one day. So to 2016,,If the ride gets bumpy, I say to you, Challenge Accepted.

Bring it on.HAPPY NEW YEAR



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