im missing you


Ive known you just recently
but it feels like ive known you for so long,
Its quite odd how you  made me feel
i never have thought this feeling could be so real…

Since day one you caught my attention
and it seems to grow Each day
you captured that only spot unknowingly
and i was amazed how you made me smile dearly…

I used to  flee when someone got me
I used to build walls coz im afraid to fall
but i wondered how easy i put down  all of those
somehow it just went off so easy and i just let it loose..

Every time you made me smile
I just breathe in and out and then sigh
i have doubts and fears but I have this rare feeling
where my heart and mind agrees to that only one thing…

It was so strange how you caught my inner senses
Coz ever since i was guarded with bitterness
Its crazy i was really responding to every jokes
and how open i was sharing every little notes…

maybe you’re  just another guy, like a passerby
but why im feeling this strange thing
i thought  it will just fade slowly
coz i know soon you’ll be gone for your journey…

That’s what i thought
The time you’ll leave ill end this…
Foolishness, ..This must be stopped
Better days, happy days … ill  just forget these…

But why oh why? i think about you this much.
Its like Every passing day without you sucks.
twas just a few days  you’ve been away, your offshore,
its crazy, it makes me miss you even more

My Music ‘s not helping me
Forgetting you is really not easy
How odd when all the love songs
Reminds me of you… it is all about you…

Been uneasy these days,
keep on finding many ways…
your absence makes me insane.
guess ill be waiting in vain..

Missing you is killing me,
I just wish you’re here to hold me…
I keep myself busy with things to do
but every time i pause i think of you

missing you comes in waves
and now im drowning..
i miss those smiles, your cheers every time i’m lonely
i miss those nights when i laughed uncontrollably

I just hope that one day i am going to wake up,
open my eyes roll over on my side ,lighten up
and see you smiling beside me….
Hearing your laughter again,.oh take this agony:(

the world is gonna throw me a million reasons
why this  must be stop , it wont work
but im armed with one reason why it will
I love you….I hope you also do:(

I what comes easy wont last
and that  what lasts wont come easy
But i just want to melt into your sweet arms
and get stuck there for eternity

I know days to come couldn’t get any better..
let this pain turns into smiles and laughter..
let distance be another reason to love harder…
I guess ,with you im anchored forever…

behind every strong sailor
there is an even stronger woman
who stands behind him, holds him when hes here
supports him when he’s gone
and loves him with every beat of her heart
with you im anchored forever…


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