Yohan’s 4th bday party DIY



Hooohaist….oh my god , im a bit excited  for my son’s 4th birthday. i have to plan something simple yet unforgettable for him. He’s a bit naughty and funny so i choose this theme…Mcqueen Cars…Since he loves foods so much especially cakes and icecream, that would be where my 90% goes to for the party..

I just want a candy kind of kid’s party so it will not be that expensive..Its just for the kids and him and few foods  for mommas..


For his cake : i sooo want this..

CARS THEME - 26_02_2012 144

And I want a cupcake like this all dress up in acute cupcake stand.Disney_Cars__18315_zoom march11_IMG_8447


This is for his birthday banner like :

And his invitation cards


.il_570xN 408638316_c1c8

Will set everything up like this,gathering all inexpensie resource to be like this…



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