25 Things About Me?


“What do people say about me when i am not around?”
You backstabber!!! lol
kidding aside…I’m not quite sure tho,
Most of them would say im silent, soft spoken and very timid.
Though somehow i could agree to this.
But to few individuals, its the opposite.
Might sound a bit odd but that’s who i really am.
Well I cant blame them, hehe. To strangers and common friends im the type of girl
who shows a lack of courage or confidence to brought up something or
to start a conversation. I may be hesitant at first
because I always have that fear.
( i dunow what triggers that fear inside that started during my high school years). 
But to close friends, how they wish i was quite.
I have read other people’s lists of things they can tell
about them, some funny, very few with any
originality, and some were self-indulgently braggy and creepy.
Mine would just be another hmmm i guess, a quite honestly
it would not be interesting;
my plain personality and some  quirky habits.
Maybe it is because I am so ordinary, but I don’t mind that.
There is a kind of peace in ordinariness.
What I can say about myself?  there will be no list at all , just a tip of the iceberge!
well again of course , this is my personality…im quite shy to tell….!
a lot might read this so im keeping those.
So there’s an aspect of something largely hidden…lol
which only few persons know about…
So you’ll keep on guessing…there’s a  lot more to
something than you might originally think…
I AM SO BORING…hahhaha
PS: Title ( Epic Fail! )

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