Its Fishes and Jellies Kind of Day!:)

I got a message from a cousin to visit her in BSA Tower before their flight back in US.Her first plan was to join her shopping at Tutuban Malls but I had prior commitment that same day and mysister is at work. So with her kids we went to Ocean Park the next morning.

Ive been here in Manila for about 3 years now and I never visited that place as well as my sister. I guess , 700php  is never a practical amount for the entrance fee alone. I thought “its not worth it for fishes and kiddie shows, duh…and i wasn’t expecting I could enjoy it.I expected foods were included  for that 700,nyahaha (coz ive browsed once in metro deal  there as eat all you can for 600 only)! I was expecting I could see the penguins too ,…hahaha… For me its pretty much expensive.

But since we were already there,. we were trying to enjoy the place, its kind of family bonding as well.

For the first activity , we’ve seen LaraQuigaman, MS INTERNATIONAL (i forgot what year) haha.. She was so pretty.That started my mood and excitement . I forgot all about fishes and was busy staring at her. She was nice and always wearing that smile. When we get the  chance we asked her if we could take some picture and she nicely asked us a group picture will do , coz shes busy carrying her cutie kiddo and having fun watching the fishes.liz1

The other thing I enjoyedmuch is the SEA Lion Show,they are the cutest. 


*The cute Jellies were amazing as well at the Oceanarium, where you can see many different kinds of fishes.


liz6 10440969_824150804271560_461608008611274450_n 10557463_824151744271466_4485490549151487945_n 10622750_824151917604782_7250875725750823633_n


When I was about to enter  here I was a bit excited thinking that I could see some penguins…hahhaha Epic fail, there’s none. You need to pay extra for that activity.


And since our tired feet could no longer move, and I am having that crazy sound inside my tummy,. Everybody could no longer prepare foods at home we opt to have our dinner at Dampa in Macapagal near SM Aura where all yummy seafoods is served. My cousin ordered a lot that our tummy cannot contain it all. ahhhhh seafoooddsss, cravings satisfied.  I wished that i could bring home some. haha.. Grilled Tuna belly, Crabs with chilly sauce, Buttered Hipon, and that yummy soup i forgot it name. Salmon i think…yummy



The Irony of it… All day we were amazed how cute the sea creatures were and how cute it is to live under the sea coz everything is lovely, butTTttt ended up EATING all of their kinds..bwahahahahaha..:P


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