Wanderlust ; I want to go there, and there ….and over there

My thirst for wanderlust is screaming, bright and happy….. haist,  if only i have more digits in my savings account….I could have gone to different places! ! But anyways, we can travel with less in our pockets, ,just like what we did…hehe:)



                          Is it just me or everyone else is into this wanderlast thingy ? This wanderlust craze flooded on different medias..
It seems as though my feeds are all a-buzz with people in different destinations now, learning new cultures and experiencing awesome things. It’s so mind blowing to think that now, all we need to do is  hop on buses, meets strangers, sleep a bit and wake up in a city with a totally different surroundings…..  nyahaha..lovet.

 And of course, my Unashamed selfies ..haha ,If there’s one thing I get sick of, it’s people calling me out for taking a selfie. SO WHAT. You’d be complaining to me more if I asked you to take the photo… so deal with it.

I can take allllllll the selfies my camera phone can handle.You really cant blame me for over doing my selfie/ootd game cause once you see this gorgeous beach, all you ever want to do is put that image in a bottle and store it forever…. Its like i want to live here forever. But I have a life , ..haha and Ive got to earn more..


liking this star fish…its my first time to actually touch this kind of thing….


goofing around with starfie:)


enjoying the centre island in the middle of the sea


on our way there,,…..:)


waiting for sunrise at the bay


ready to go swimming…. will take off this black top ….wew


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