Ive been searching for an exact title that best defines me and my life’s experiences…Ive been in a roller coaster ride for how many years now, finding luck in the least expected places…Ive traveled far from where i was born just to seek peace and happiness… to move on and find another life…and yes i have found one! YES its SERENDIPITY….such a sweet surprise and that’s my Blog Title….hehehe I accidentally stumbled upon something truly wonderful even if i was  looking for something entirely different. Serendipity smiles upon people who have a more relaxed approach to life… they don’t worry too much amidst all the struggles …..very me 🙂 Prime myself for Chances.These days, we tend to associate serendipity with luck, well, It means more than a happy coincidence .Hey.,,..worry less, there are more sweet surpises in the nature of uncertainty and randomness. Lets try to keep our mood positive in order to catch more of the possibilities that whiz by every day….. Enjoy life….coz #YOLO


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