“Wanting to wear something neutral today since I am not in the mood to mix and match colored clothes in my closet… I am feeling super lazy”, haha. Celebrity, Liz ? 

Oh forgive my first OOTD post. Im fond of reading and browsing fashion blogs and I super get carried away in imitating what i saw in every blogs that i have read. Few of my faves are Kryz Uy, Camille Co, Laureen uy and Patricia Prieto. I so love these girls so much. They’ve been anywhere around the world, blogging all about where they go, what they eat…and the most loved part is , hehe what they wear.. Looking at them makes my day, i could live a single day browsing all of their blog post and at times I got excited in my seat whenever they wear something that i could see in my closet, i mean not that super the same brand of clothes or shoes (Coz i know theirs are pretty much expensive) haha, but just a resemblance of what they are wearing….and beacuse ive seen these the same piece in one of their blogs….. Cant wait for this first mirror shot….I was looking for that exact blog post where Patricia P wore same piece, i was planning to make some edits ,..but anyways here it is… 🙂

achromatic grayish thingy





1st OOTD post : that achromatic grayish thingy

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